Patrimoine Historique et Religieux
Patrimoine Historique et Religieux

We owe the construction of an abbey, today known as the Saint-Gény Monastery, to the Duke Guillaume de Sanche.

At the time, the city of Lectoure was not yet developed on the rocky spur. The ancient city Lactora was first built along the river banks.

The first building was burnt down and abandoned, not much remains from this structure. Its only until the 16th century where a second round of constructions were made. The latest structure inherits a Renaissance Southern Gothic architecture.

Since year 2000, the current religious status has changed. The Serbian Orthodox Church settles in.

To visit the site, you must contact and check the availability of the priests.Once there, you will discover the Saint-Gény Merovingian sarcophaguses and the monks amazing religious icon collection.

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